LeBron James May Have Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Cleveland Cavaliers basketball superstar LeBron James may be suffering from cubital tunnel syndrome.  Cubital tunnel syndrome (CuTS) is a nerve injury that can result in moderate to severe pain and numbness in the elbow and ring & little fingers.  Untreated, CuTS can result in extreme pain, surgery or an unusable hand, all of which would be devastating to a professional athlete.

James’ right elbow was tightly wrapped and didn’t seem to bother him too much in the Cavaliers’ 96-94 Game 5 victory over the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday.  However, it was obvious that James was in some pain when he missed a one-handed free throw late in the game:

In a post-game interview, James said his elbow felt like he’d hit his funny bone.  Doctors performed an MRI on his elbow Monday and found nothing significant.  However, a nerve conduction velocity (NCV) test is a much better indicator of CuTS.

James will be able to rest his elbow for a few days before the Cavaliers begin their series against the Boston Celtics.  James doesn’t believe he’ll miss any action in the playoffs, though cubital tunnel surgery in the offseason may be possible.

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